Major Life Change…

Let me break this down for you… I was literally living my best life – due to COVID-19 – I was getting more time with my tiny human,( 8yrs old but he will always be my mini!) working from home – saving tons of time on my commute, walking in the morning and at lunch actually embracing nature and listening to podcasts.. life was literally #lifegoals!

I leaped head first into learning as much as I could during quarantine! I taught myself digital illustration, I  created this blog your on right now, I decided to launch an Etsy shop of polymer clay jewelry (check the links below for IG and Etsy Shop!) I did 8 weeks of Coaching with Karissa Kouchis (Check Her Site Here!  )- a Tony Robbins National Speaker?! She changed me.. If you need to dig deep, learn the abundance mindset and find who you really are, you need to check her out ASAP! I felt like I was living in this dream world, while others were struggling with the change the fears of COVID and quarantine bought on I was honestly thriving!

Last Tuesday, I was part of a massive corporate reduction. After 8 years working at a major retailer – with the most creative job I could be blessed with, designing mannequins, fixtures, props, aesthetics for a shop, I was told my role was being reduced at that it was my last day. I was in complete shock. My mind raced with all the thoughts – I am a single mom, a one income household, I have car payments, and what about our insurance, can I keep living here? What will I do? What happens if I run out of money? I think these thoughts a week and a half later are still keeping me awake at night. I write this not for sympathy, but because I have been humbled. So many others have lost their jobs during the course of this pandemic and all this time I was in complete joy, blind to the fact that my job could go at any time.

I am now 1.5 weeks into being unemployed, with one last check coming and a small severance – a tiny sense of immediate security.. but how long will that last, well friends we will find out! I still feel as though I am on some long vacation, but it is slowly starting to sink in.  Now is the time I need to make a plan, give myself a solid routine to keep my head on straight! Last week I update my resume and began the hunt, and let me tell you – it is incredibly overwhelming. I felt a sense of digital burn out. I wanted to sleep, I was irritable, I was trying to assist my 2nd grader in learning virtually – there is A LOT goin’ on over here… I am with the rest of you in this boat and boy does it feel like it’s a sinking ship!

What I can say is us mama’s are strong, resilient and resourceful, we can do hard things, and I hear KK saying ” Don’t stay in the dip too long!” My coaching is coming to a point where I actually need to use it and implement what I learned! Plan, Journal, Positive mindset, Routine!


This is the shift I am making and I will be sure to share with you along the way! I have a fresh planner ( Passion Planners Here!) ready to go and this amazing journal style notebook from Target ( a total must- Check This Journal Out!) The way it is set up there is room for gratitude, dumping all your thoughts on the page and space for anything extra you want to add!


Share your Journey with me as well – Tag me on IG: @BlondeFindingBalance or #FindingBalance!



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