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Something I love to do the first Sunday of every week and month is goal planning. Honestly, these goals could be as small as picking up that tiny lego piece I keep stepping on and losing or as big as cleaning and organizing my closet – I know you ladies feel me on that one!

Let me bring you in on this little piece of magic – this is something I reference at the start of each year, month, and week! It’s such a great day to align your goals, put pen to paper and help get you one step closer to that life you want to live! It’s also just a great way to organize myself from week to week and get more accomplished!

So here’s the skinny, I base these goals on the 7 categories:

Career+ Mission, Time, Finance, Emotions + Meaning, Spirituality, Relationships, and Body

At the start of each year, I lay these categories out and jam out each area’s dreams, ideas, and desires for the life I want to create for myself and where I currently stand! Putting pen to paper on what you dream these concepts look like will help narrow in your focus and how you will ultimately achieve that dream home or even getting that booty tight like Becky- girl I see you!



Once you lay these bad boys out on paper, its time to make them into goals, without a plan it’s just wishful thinking! For the year I like to lay out 1-2 goals in each category that will help me take massive action and create the biggest impact! Be sure to break these babies down to small, realistic actions of how you will get there to each goal for each category!

Let’s dive into the pre-work I do at the start of each month! It’s time to jam out guys! I love to get a feel for where my current state is at the start of each month. It’s a great time to reflect, refocus, and get excited about your goals you’re ready to tackle! Some of the prompts I use at the start of each month are below!

New Month Journaling Prompts:

Where am I in my current chapter of life? When am I taking the time to reflect? What do I love most about my life? What am I looking to change? What motto am I living by this month? What am I spending too much / too little time on? What do I want to experience this month?

At the end of each month, this is what I can Stop, Rewind, Record. It’s a time to look back at the last month and reflect on your personal progress. 

Reflection on Last Month Prompts:

What is something, someone, or somewhere new in my life? What are some of the moments that meant something extra to me? What goals have I really worked on this month and goals I need to circle back on? Is there someone I can reach out for guidance on achieving those goals? What is something I’ve learned about myself or in general? What advice do I have for myself next month?

 Lastly – I jump on this same train each Sunday to plan out my weeks. I take out a planner every Sunday morning, plan my weeks, layout my goals, priorities for work + home, grocery lists etc. I use Sunday as my prime time prep day! It’s also just really soothing to lay out your week and get exposure to anything you might need to conquer and how you can avoid anything that may block you from getting to where you want to be this week! ( Ahem – that workout you’re dreading – what’s gonna stop you? How are you going to make sure you show up and get it in!)


Keep an eye out… there are some great tools, templates and IG sessions coming your way to help you with your Sunday Soul Goals!

Live with Passion!


Check out these Journals / Planners  I’m Loving!




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  1. June 26, 2020 / 10:02 pm

    I love this post! I follow you through UHPW!

    Thank you for including your questions because I love to see what other people use so I can add to my repertoire.


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