Weekend Warrior!


It’s the flockin’ weekend people! Non-the-less, a holiday weekend! This is what I live for in the summer! Super hot, steamy weather in Wisconsin (believe me when I say- we need to absorb every minute of it!), pool-time, lake-time, margarita time!

My first thought today, was “Be a weekend warrior Kelly, get all the things done and get out there!”

In order to get out there, we have got to be efficient friends.  There are groceries to buy, weekly chores to finish up and prepare myself to have all the time to absorb the weekend, but I need to make sure I’m ready once the week starts up again!

I’m about to let you in on my weekend warrior hacks here… so get ready!  Grocery shopping, some love it (like me – there just something so cathartic about it)  With the current state we are in with Covid-19 I have made more of an effort to shop efficiently, and sometimes that means grocery delivery and sometimes still some in-store shopping. I keep myself on track a few different ways – meal plan, shop + chop, and head on out to my local health food stores – Fresh Thyme, Whole Foods, Outpost.

Meal Planning – I typically focus on the meats I have on-hand and layer on the produce when I shop. I try to plan all my meals based on what is in my freezer and supplement from there! My goal is to buy as little pre-packaged items as possible and it keeps me grounded in fueling my body with the things that it needs. I also write out my groceries batched by the area of the store I can find them in – this is a crucial time saver and also keeps me from forgetting things! When I can I try to bag my items by where they go – just makes unloading that much easier! When the shopping is done it’s time to chop baby! Any produce I can chop ahead of time I do right away – the prep may seem to take a while but it makes making meals during the week so much easier and I am more likely to eat it! I also pre-bag my son’s lunch snacks right away as well to make it easy to grab and pack his lunches during the week!

Now to dive into the Time Batching technique – I use this weekly but it helps me accomplish all those things I don’t want to do – dishes, laundry, errand running, etc. Here’s the skinny, time batching is essential lumping like-tasks together. For example each day I scope out 30-60min interval and block it on my calendar for Core Chores- we are talking dishes, vacuuming, laundry you name it! I block the time and power through as much as I can in that time frame to help maintain my environment. I also do this as needed with errand running or phone calls I need to make! You can apply this technique to so much and just watch the time you save, and the motivation you suddenly have to power through the lame and get to the fun!

So get out there! Enjoy your holiday weekend and if you tried time batching, light it up in the comments and tell me what you think friends!










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